Benefits for businesses seeking investment


xénos provides a personalised service for businesses seeking investment.

Joining xénos may enable you to achieve your growth potential. Membership gives you access to private investors (business angels) ready to invest in sound business opportunities in Wales.

In exchange for investment and mentoring, businesses offer an equity stake.


Accessing investment


We work with businesses to prepare them for investment. Our regional managers have a strong track record of identifying sound investment opportunities and helping business become investment-ready. You'll gain an independent expert view of your business from an unbiased stake holder.


We provide all our business angels with investment opportunities. Investment-ready businesses will have an opportunity to send an executive summary to investors. We work with businesses and investors to increase the chances of finding a perfect match. Our regional managers will help you perfect your business plan.

Businesses registered with xénos will be able to present at our regular investment forums. Once again, our regional managers can help business prepare the perfect pitch.


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Enhancing your management skills


Working with xénos isn't simply a means for answering your growth funding needs. An investor may want to add value to their investment by providing hands-on advice. That means your management team can benefit from their business expertise.


Your business' association with a respected business figure could enhance its credibility.


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